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About Us

The Grayslake North Athletic Booster Club started in 2004 to support the students and staff at Grayslake North High School and the community that surrounds and supports our school.

See what's going on:

The purpose of our organization is:

  • To enhance and encourage sportsmanlike spirit in the students and student athletes of Grayslake North High School.
  • To provide opportunities for enthusiastic parent and community involvement in the GNHS athletic programs.
  • To provide monetary support and services to enhance the GNHS athletic programs.
  • To promote activities designed to support and encourage the growth and development of GNHS athletic participants.
  • To unite its members in friendship, fellowship, mutual understanding, and school and community good will.

Our Concession Stand Sales, Spirit Wear Sales, and other Special Fundraising Events during the year generate a large portion of our money that are all run with Volunteers.  Without the help of our North families, none of this would be possible.

We encourage and Welcome our Grayslake North families to get involved with the Booster Club.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Giving Back

Since our inception we have donated nearly $400,000 back to the athletic program and students of GNHS.  Below are some examples: 

  • ​Annual Scholarships (4) $1,000
  • Mural, Fight Song, Visitor Banner, Conference Banners and State Signs
  • Sportsmanship Plaques & Award Plaques
  • All-Conference Picture Frames
  • New Stadium Entrance Brick Wall, Sign, and Lighting
  • Cameras and Software for Various Sports
  • In-door Batting Cage
  • Baseball and Softball Dugouts
  • Football Field Lettering, Striping and Logo
  • Choreography and Music for Dance
  • Choreography and Music for Cheer
  • Wrestling Award Boards
  • Motion-Pro Software for Bowling
  • Flexi-wool Cheer Mats
  • Light Pole Banners
  • Coach Bus Upgrade for State Qualifying Teams
  • T2 Transporter, Time Clocks, Spring Vaulting Board, and Tent
  • Pro-boards, Nets and Vests for Fishing
  • Individual Medalist Record Boards
  • Free-lap Pro Coach Timing System for Track Teams
  • Team Meals for Various Sports
  • Knight Café Sign
  • iPads for Coaches
  • Water Chiller, Misting Fan, and Elliptical Trainer, for All Athletes
  • Equipment Bags for Various Sports
  • Weight Room Equipment
  • Sound System for Softball and Baseball
  • Swim Caps for the Swim Team
  • PSP Donations
  • Travel Warm Ups for Various Sports
  • Game Ready Unit and Dual Connector Hose
  • Bags and Wrist Guards for Bowling
  • Table Tennis Uniforms
  • Record Board for Boys & Girls Basketball
  • Conference, Regional, Sectional, and State Patches
  • Conference, Regional, Sectional and State T-shirts
  • Sponsor of the Annual Athletic Awards Banquet
  • Multiple Donations to Community Grade & Middle Schools
  • Press Boxes for Baseball & Softball
  • Provide Freshman Orientation Lunch
  • Senior Breakfast Meals
  • Clowning Around Entertainment for Homecoming Week
  • Golf Swing Analyzers and Golf Rangefinders
  • Tennis Pavilion Concrete
  • ...and much more!